The Latest News - 2009


School News:

I have Graduated From Vanderbilt's Masters of Nursing (MSN) program (August2, 2009)

Yes, I am now an FNP! (Family Nurse Practitioner)

Studying for the National certification Boards this Fall

August 2, 2009 Vanderbilt University Graduation Photos (by Danna O'Neall!)

Mom and Dad and I, isn't this an awesome photo?! Danna rocks

My good friend Talya, FNP my good friend Tracie, Psych NP (and daughter Jesse)

getting ready to sing with John England and The Western Swingers at my backyard graduation party



1st year Graduation pics, July 24, 2008:

Tracie, moiMelissa, Priya, Lisa, Laurawith Talya

Below: Brittany, Adair, and Eric & Bethany

MichelleTalya's kiddo's!


2008 - Lots of clinicals:




My Scooter:

My new little Honda Metro Chad from "Blue Hawaii": love love love it!

Everyday is like a vacation when I'm riding my scooter:) It gets 88 mpg.


Home News:

My next-door neighbor, Martin, fixed/rebuilt my back fences! They look fantastic

I finally have gates that actually close and stay closed. Yay.


Family News:

My Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th anniversary June 21st, 2008!

They had a fabulous party in Connecticut, so I flew home for the weekend and got to see lots of family.





Older news:


Last Fall, my seminar group got a standing ovation for a silly song I wrote called "Ode to E. coli".

Here is a video recorded on my Palm Treo (so not the greatest quality), but you get the point...

Here is the You tube link:

VUSN E. coli Song


Ode to E. coli
My name is E. coli, I never get scared
But I get kinda shaky when I look at Suzanne Baird
I know she is a danger, She told me it’s her dream
To catch me and my buddies in a strong aseptic stream…

I’m E - E. coli is my name
I’m just a normal flora
But I can cause you pain

If you think your life is hard, just come with me and spend one day
in a moist and murky place, Judy won’t even say.
I have to swim around, don’t have any legs
And the drug they send to kill me lord it smells like rotten eggs…
If don’t wash your hands, or you don’t wipe when you pee
To me and all my friends that just spells “opportunity”
We’ll march up your urethra, make your bladder our new home
And we’re gonna start a fire every time you have to go..
Does this song relate back to “Foundations”?,
That’s what Betsy wants to hear
Well Even Florence Nightingale….
Liked her urine to be clear…

From me - E. coli is my name I’m just a normal flora
And I don’t really wanna
But I’m gonna cause you pain.


Back to School, 2007:


I am entering a 24 month accelerated Masters program at Vanderbily University

for Family Nurse Practitioners.



Ah the good old days -I miss microbilogy


Remember to Reach beyond the sky!