Political Action in TN:

Juliana Ericson and I at the Belcourt theater on Obama's Inauguration Day 2009

Vice President Joe Biden and I before the election in 2008, I was ready to step in and do my Patriotic duty!



Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and I before the 2008 Presidential Election, and with Chelsea Clinton!

Bethany, Kelly and I at aObama/Clinton Debate party in 2007

With PA Congressman Jack Murtha


Victory in Sylvan Park June 2007

Local Politics 2007: good news from June:

The (Historic) Neighborhood Conservation overlay DID NOT PASS - AGAIN in Sylvan Park!

Councilman Summers tried to slip it by, but we stopped it again.

Yes, the democratic process will be served, but you have to fight for it.


Al Gore and Ashley Judd helping to raise money for TN Dems!

With Karen Johnson and Former TN Congressman Bob Clement

with Former Congressman and Nashville Mayor Richard Fulton

a fabulous MLK commemoration featuring John Seigenthaler in 2008